Wednesday, 22 February 2017

So use of Cymraeg at Westminster depends on the whim of just one man!

So Members of Parliament will be able to use Cymraeg in Westminster debates for the first time this year

MPs will be free to challenge one another in Welsh during sessions of the Welsh Grand Committee.

The UK Government will bring forward a motion to change the rules.

Today, MPs can only speak Cymraeg  during Westminster proceedings when the Welsh Affairs select committee is taking evidence

The language will now be used in short debates, legislative scrutiny and the questioning of ministers.

The Wasting Mule claimed that this comes after a push by Clwyd South Labour MP Susan Elan Jones and colleagues to allow the use of Cymraeg

However this has been  long campaign and Plaid  and other MP'shave regularly tried to get  Cymraeg  used in the UK Parliment.

Only last year such a proposal was rejected by House of Commons  leader Chris Grayling to overturn a ban on speaking Cymraeg at Westminster.

Ms Jones formally requested the Commons Procedure committee to allow bilingual debate in the Welsh Grand.
Welcoming the announcement, Ms Jones said:
“I think it’s a necessary change... I just think we have to recognise that Wales is a bilingual country...
“Many of us will be taking advantage of that.
The change seems to have come after Chris Grayling moved to the Department of Transport and was replaced by David Lidington, as  the leader of Commons, who said:

Welsh MPs play a vital role in making their constituents’ voices heard in the House of Commons. Across Whitehall, UK Government ministers are listening and responding – as we are today by promoting the Welsh language in Parliament and its contribution to the cultural diversity of the United Kingdom.”
So it seems the use of our Language in Westminster debated depends on the whim of just one man.

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said:

 “I am delighted that MPs will be able to participate in the Welsh Grand Committee through the medium of Welsh for the first time in Westminster. It is vitally important that the people of Wales are able to hear debates in both languages.
“I hope that MPs who can speak Welsh will choose to use this service in order to help promote the Welsh language across Parliament.”
According to the UK Government:

 “The cost of the translation services – both interpreters and headsets – will be absorbed within Parliament’s existing budgets, meaning this change takes place at no extra cost to the taxpayer.”

The Procedure committee investigated the issue and it stated at the end of last year: 

“The committee recognises the unique status of Welsh as a language with statutory protection for its use in Wales, and makes no criticism of the existing arrangements for the use of Welsh. While the committee strongly maintains the principle that the language of the House of Commons is English, it finds that there is no technical bar to making arrangements for the use of Welsh in Grand Committee sittings at Westminster, and that the likely additional costs of arranging for the use of Welsh at a Grand Committee sitting are lower than the costs of holding a committee sitting in Wales.”
 But although this move is welcome and  a different Leader of the House would be wise not to reverse it, Its a strange democracy when one man or women has such power over the use of Cymraeg in the "Parliament of Equal Nations".

You may have noticed that I have used Cymraeg when refering to the Welsh Language other than quotes. I believe that its time we formally use Cymraeg when  refering to the indigenous language of Wales . It is bad enough that we constantly use Wales rather than Cymru and I may consider using the latter more often.

But it's  really time we daily used Cymraeg when referring to the Welsh Language.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Could Coleg Harlech reemerge as a Welsh Medium training college?

As some who greatly benefited (Indeed it changed my life)  with the news that Coleg Harlech is to  close, leaving uncertainty for dozens of students and staff.
Coleg Harlech’s Wern Fawr site, which has been open for 90 years, will cease to provide education for adult learners from September.
The future of the stunning grade-II listed building is now uncertain.
In 2013 Coleg Harlech had to sell off 350 pieces of art in an attempt to relieve some of its £900,000 debt and a feasibility study into the future of the college took place in 2015.
Despite those warning signs, the announcement came as a shock to the whole town as even the community council, which met on Monday night, had not been informed of the imminent closure.
Talks with Coleg Harlech staff are to take place this week, with dozens of students and staff set to be affected by the changes.ynedd councillor Caerwyn Roberts admitted he was “very disappointed” by the news.
“We’re all very disappointed. It mentions services will be ‘relocated’ but I hope that those doing the relocating realise that Meirionnydd is amongst the poorest areas in the UK,” he said.
“Relocating to Bangor or Caernarfon does nothing for us. Losing jobs from the area is the last thing we need. I’m hoping they give that notion due consideration.”
Dwyfor Meirionnydd’s AM Dafydd Elis-Thomas hopes the Welsh Government will fund a feasibility study into future use of the site.
Such is the depervation of the College over the years, which some may claim were made first by enforced merger with the WEA, that the Old accommodation Block is derelict  and ambitious plans to replace it came to nothing

 Harlech residents have resomably launched a petition  fu the demolition and redevelopment of the St David's Hotel and Coleg Harlech accommodation block. Both buildings are a grotesque blight on the beautiful surrounding area. With the imminent closure of the the Coleg Harlech buildings we respectfully call upon the Welsh Assembly Government, Gwynedd Council and Snowdonia National Park Authority to:
1. enforce the demolition order on the hotel without further delay; 2. serve a demolition order on the accommodation block at the earliest possible opportunity; 3. work to facilitate with the owners of the hotel and college sites a comprehensive redevelopment, including appropriate use of the historic college buildings, with the aim of delivering a top class resort (holiday apartments, hotel, restaurant, conference and leisure facilities). Harlech has been waiting too long. It is time for action now!
Is there a future for Harlech as a centre for Education?

Well if we had a government  with ambition in Cardiff Bay, there could be.

I would like to see the Welsh Government take over the site and turn it into a Teacher Training college specialising in the teaching through the medium of Welsh. Not only future Teachers but helping those  who are non-welsh speakers who are involved in Education "cross the bridge " and become fluent in Welsh.

Indeed the College motto "a fo ben bid bont" He would be a leader let him be a bridge could take on a new meaning.

If the Welsh Labour Government are serious with a drive to almost double the number of Welsh speakers to one million by 2050 then it will need to train far more Teachers to teach through the Medium of Welsh at all levels including Universities.
If they were to look for a place to create the people who wil  carry ithis forward then Harlech  with its history of education and situation in one of the strongest Welsh Speaking parts of Wales would be ideal.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Llanelli Labour use Anti-Cymraeg rhetoric for electoral purposes.

I suspect the Welsh Media have looked at the  row over the decision to change a primary school to Welsh-medium education and in found   that the majority of residents support the decision and that is why they have failed to cover the story in depth
BBC Wales have coverd the news that the Labour party has said a member has been suspended after the
Labour said Michaela Beddows, who campaigned against changes at the school, is suspended while the party investigates.
But Ms Beddows has since told BBC Wales she is not a member of Labour.
Plaid Cymru's Jonathan Edwards wrote to Jeremy Corbyn claiming Labour members had been campaigning with UKIP.
He accused Labour members of sharing far-right material on social media, but said it was not "one individual" and called for more members to be investigated.
Ms Beddows spoke to BBC News about the council's decision on Ysgol Llangennech saying there was "no such thing as democracy in Carmarthenshire".
The Labour party said she had been suspended as a member, but did not reveal the reason behind the decision.
If however you really want the nitty gritty then I suggest you turn to Y Cneifiwr cover of the issue and look here for information.

It is ironic that a Plaid MP found it necessary to write to the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn in Westminster to complain about Labour member coseying up to Ukip and supporting fascist Tweets .

Of course with both the local AM Lee Waters and MP Nia Griffiths seeming  to side with the Ukip-Labour campaign in Llangenech to attack the  move by the council which is supposed to be part of the Welsh Labour Governments claim that they seek to almost double the number of Welsh speakers to one million by 2050 which was unveiled by the first minister at the National Eisteddfod. You think that it would be the "Leader" of Welsh Labour Carwyn Jones who would step in but alas no.
Indeed it appears that elements of the Labour Party have decided thta it is time to revive the old Anti-Cymraeg rhetoric in order to stop Plaid making gains in the May election.
Llangennech being probably the sought of seat they would be aiming to gain.
AKHTAR, FoziaWelsh Labour439
DARKIN, David LlewelynWelsh Labour535
HOPKINS, GwynPlaid Cymru - The Party of Wales757
THOMAS, GwynethPlaid Cymru - The Party of Wales889

Some of the Ukip-Labour alliance have claimed they will be standing for the latter in the ward next year.

Which may explain the sort of poster campaign inthe village.

It also might explain the experiance of a parent writing on the Herald newspaper website:

I’m not a political person or a Plaid Cymru member, I’m just a parent in Llangennech and I have to say that I’m relieved that this is coming to an end at last.The local Labour party have bullied and silenced us for months. Door stepping, pressure, waving petitions in our faces, threatening us when we didn’t want to sign them, trying to make us feel like traitors while they go all over the tele and radio pretending that all of Llangennech is against these changes. They’ve been disgusting and intimidating. As a Llanegennech parent, I never asked them to speak for me and I know my friends didn’t ask them to either.

Substitute  Race or Religion for the sort of language used by the Ukip-Labour Alliance  in llanelli and the "Liberal"  Media would be exposing it in lengthy Editorials.

But this is Cymraeg  and alas Labour can safetly  cosy up to Ukip and attack  the actual policy of their own party because it appears to be a weapon against another party.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Caerphilly Labour are bracing themselves for a bloodbath in May,

Over thirty years ago whilst a mature student in Coleg Harlech my mother would send me (after she read it) her copy of the Pontypridd Observer and to some extent keep up with local news.

At one time throughout Wales the Weekly local newspaper was read regally and could have an important influence on local politics.

I don't know what the circulation of the Caerphilly Observer is but if it was anything like its circulation 30 years ago and impartially  reported on the council then the ruling Labour Group would be doomed .

The situation  is made worse by the dependency on local newspapers to rely on local advertising , which has led allegations the ruling group can threaten to withdraw advertising if it receives adverse criticism.

But maybe local news is getting through
Wales Online reports that 

Backbench Labour councillors in Caerphilly have been urged to dissociate themselves from their leaders or face voters’ anger over the continuing senior officers’ pay scandal that has riven the authority for more than four years.
Anthony O’Sullivan was suspended as chief executive of Caerphilly council in March 2013 after the Assistant Auditor General for Wales published a report saying he had been implicated in an unlawful process that led to big pay rises for 20 senior officers at the authority and himself.

Earlier minutes of a secret meeting which approved the rises had been leaked to WalesOnline.

Mr O’Sullivan was the author of a report that recommended his own pay should rise from £132,000 to £158,000. After a public outcry his pay rise was reduced to £5,000.
Together with two other senior council officers – his deputy Nigel Barnett and head of legal services Daniel Perkins – he was charged with misconduct in a public office. The charges were dismissed by a judge before a planned trial went ahead.
None of the three men have returned to work and a disciplinary investigation remains under way.

Daniel Perkins, Nigel Barnett, and Anthony O'Sullivan
By the end of March the scandal is expected to have cost taxpayers more than £2.5m in unexpected salary costs and legal fees.w all backbench members of the council’s controlling Labour group have received an unsigned letter warning them they could be punished in May’s council election unless they dissociate themselves from their leader Keith Reynolds and his deputy David Poole.

The letter says:

 “Back in 2012 there was a secret meeting held regarding the increasing of pay for the council’s top officers. This meeting was held at a time when all other council workers were on a pay freeze. At that meeting one Plaid member and four Labour cabinet members, it was agreed to raise the chief officers’ pay by between £20,000 and £30,000, increasing their pay by larger amounts than most council workers earn in a year.

“Three of the four Labour cabinet members who agreed these pay rises are still cabinet members – Christine Forehead, David Poole and Keith Reynolds.

“Remember this was a secret meeting that Labour backbenchers were not consulted on. Labour backbenchers were not trusted with this information by their own leadership.

“Despite this lack of trust of backbenchers, you backbenchers have promoted two of them. David Poole is now the deputy leader and Keith Reynolds is the leader. This shows backbench support for people who do not trust backbenchers.

“Christine Forehead, David Poole and Keith Reynolds did not ask you if it was OK to offer a £30,000 rise in pay. If they had asked, would you have agreed it?.

“They did not ask the unions if it was OK to offer a £30,000 rise in pay. If they had asked, would the unions have agreed it?

did not ask the people of Caerphilly if it was OK to offer a £30,000 rise in pay. If they had asked, would the people of Caerphilly have agreed it?

“Why do you continue to show support for people who didn’t trust you?

“You will soon be asking people to vote for you. How can people trust you when you continue to support these people who show no Labour values.
 “This will be the number one issue for Plaid Cymru and Ukip in the coming election, and you have no way of defending yourself on this issue because you continue to support the very people who show no concern for you.”

Nigel Dix, a councillor from Blackwood and certainly no friend of Plaid.who has resigned from the Labour group and now sits as an Independent, said: “It is crazy that the two most senior Labour councillors authorised the huge pay rises awarded to top officers. There needs to be a thorough shake-up, and it may well come at the election in May.”
Caerphilly council Labour group did not wish to comment,
Although Plaid have had some success in local Byelection it seems to me that they have been making up lost ground and not the sort vote which would indicate huge gains in May .
However it is clear Labour are worried and Caerphilly may be one of the councils to watch in May,
If it is then Plaid should consider what it would do with regards the above scandal.
As Plaid have found out in Carmathen there is a huge difference in being in opposition to leading a council  that has a "dodgy " record,
The small People First group have described it as a Poison Chalice  and if Plaid are looking at becoming the governing group on Caerphilly . I hope they  already have plans to deal with the mess made by the current administration.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Welsh Ukip AM tried to dumb down qualification in order to employ brother.

I have some sympathy with elected politicians who employ family or friends in their office,

After all they know these people can trust them and presumably they share his or her politics.

And given the tendency for some elected members to have affairs with their secretaries (Cecil Parkinson , Paddy Ashdown et al) you can imagine some wives would want to keep an eye on their spouses by taking the job themselves.

The problem comes when those family or friends are unqualified for the Job or actually do know work.

Controversy aroused after it was found the then MP Derek Conway employed his son Freddie as a part-time researcher, while Freddie was on a full-time degree course at the University of Newcastle. Conway paid his son the part-time equivalent of a £25,970 salary, amounting to a sum in excess of £40,000[ over three years, including pension contributions.

Conway was reported to the Committee on Standards and Privileges by former Metropolitan Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook, who had stood against him in the 2005 General Election as a UKIP candidate.After an investigation, in January 2008 the Committee found there was "no record" of what work Freddie had done, and said the £1,000-plus a month he was paid was too high. They recommended that the House order him to repay a sum of £13,000 and that he be suspended for 10 sitting days. However, in a subsequent interview with the Mail on Sunday, Derek Conway disputed the allegation that Freddie Conway had rarely travelled from Newcastle to Westminster, instead stating that Freddie "would go up and down like a fiddler's elbow". In light of the evidence, Conservative party leader David Cameron decided to withdraw the Conservative Party Whip, rendering Conway free of any Parliamentary Conservative constraints, effectively leaving him as an independent MP.

Despite attempts to clear up this mess 9 years after the Conway affair Controversy continues

It has emerged a UKIP AM discussed with an assembly official how an advert for a job in her office could be changed to help her brother get an interview for the post.

Michelle Brown was told that if she used an initial draft of the advert her brother would be "sifted out".

She was also asked if she wanted to "check" with him what qualifications he had before finalising the advert.

North Wales AM Ms Brown said she had acted with "complete propriety".

The institution refused to release under the Freedom of Information Act full details of an exchange between Ms Brown and an assembly official where they discuss what qualifications her brother has.

But according to BBC Wales understands that following an initial discussion about his qualifications the official wrote to Ms Brown:
 "If we go ahead with the qualification that's in the job description [an NVQ] Richard [Ms Brown's brother] will be sifted out before the interview stage.
"Do you want me to change it to [GCSE] Grade C or above in English?"
 Ms Brown replied: 
"Can it [the NVQ] be downgraded to desirable?"

The official then said:
 "We do need to have some qualification in the essential [section of the advertisement], do you want to check with Richard what he has?"
Ms Brown replied:
 "Fair enough! Shall we just leave it as GCSE English and Maths at Grade C or equivalent?"

The official then told her
 "that's fine".

 The job advert was for a receptionist and personal assistant, to be paid between £18,536 and £24,593 a year.
The NVQ requirement was not included in the final advertisement.
BBC Wales understands Ms Brown's brother did not get the job.
The assembly said its recruitment panel recommended someone else to Ms Brown and she will meet that person next week to discuss the position.
But her brother is still listed on the register of members interests as a constituency caseworker for the assembly member and he has been in that role since June 2016.
AMs are allowed to appoint staff on a temporary basis for a six month period after being elected without having to put in place a formal recruitment procedure.
BBC Wales understands concerns have been raised within UKIP about Ms Brown's brother's performance.
A total of 12 AMs have declared on the register of interests that they employ relatives.
In 2009, an independent report recommended the appointment of family members be stopped.
Defending her handling of the recruitment process for her office, Ms Brown said:
 "I appointed Richard upon my election to the assembly, as I needed someone to deal immediately with constituency issues.
"Confidentiality and personal loyalty are essential elements in the job description of all AMs' staff.
"When his temporary contract expired, he was not re-appointed.
"The Assembly Commission is intimately involved in devising job descriptions for open competition and, in the case of AMs' family members, they interview candidates independently of the AM.
"I have acted at all material times on the advice of the commission and with complete propriety.
"Any suggestion to the contrary from within UKIP should be discounted as sour grapes from someone with an axe to grind."
 Asked about the matter on BBC Radio Wales, UKIP assembly group leader Neil Hamilton said: "The assembly commission is entirely responsible for job descriptions.
"All these jobs have to be publicly advertised and in the case of somebody who is a family member who is an applicant then the appointment decision is taken by the assembly itself, not by the individual AM."
In November 2016, Mr Hamilton defended the employment of his wife Christineas his personal assistant on the same grounds.
Actually Mrs Hamolton Hamilton spent many years working as secretary to various Conservative MPs, first Wilfred Proudfoot MP for Brighouse and Spenborough, then Gerald Nabarro, MP for South Worcestershire. So she may well be more qualified than most and who else would want to work for the odious Neil Hamilton anyway?
In a statement, the National Assembly for Wales Commission, which overseas appointments at the body said: 
"The principles of fair and open competition based on merit apply to all posts advertised for assembly member support staff.
"The appointment of the employing assembly member's family members is only permissible where the member plays no part in the assessment and interviews, which are instead conducted by the members' business support team."
Asked about the email exchange involving Ms Brown, an assembly spokeswoman said:
 "It is entirely appropriate, and within the rules, for Members' Business Support to work with individual Assembly Members to establish selection criteria and arrangements for a particular appointment."
Whilst recognising in a role in which the employees political loyalty  is essential it may well be that employing family and friends is useful , but to fix the process by dumbing down the qualifications needed seems to go too far.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Is there a rival to Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau as our national anthem?

Yesterday as part of an Opinion Poll he commissioned Wings over Scotland published the result of an opinion poll in what Scotland's National Anthem should be.

The result favoured Flower of Scotland though God Save the Queen reached 10% ironically similar to those in Wales who want Independence according to some polls.

Caledonia scored 14% and although Freedom Come A Ye only reached 2% it had some support in the comments section.

Maybe the question is whether Flower of Scotland an anthem, which is after all about an English Invasion would be suitable for an Independent Scotland.

It led me to comment

glynbeddau says:16 February, 2017 at 6:20 pmThis could be the only case when Wales is ahead of you. I doubt there’s would be much dispute over Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

I think I am right but maybe there are other options

Yma o Hyd for example ?

I would consider 
or the rather beautiful Gweddi dros Gymru"  "A Prayer for Wales" (a national song of Wales) if the haunting tune was not Finalndia Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

Maybe an Independent Wales would consider a New Anthem but the problem is that you could end up with a song like Advance Australia Fair he song was first performed in 1878 and sung in Australia as a patriotic song. It replaced "God Save the Queen" as the official national anthem in 1984, following a plebiscite to choose the national song in 1977.

Its not my favourite tune, and Australia could do better.

I rather like God defend New Zealand.

Originally written as a poem, it was set to music as part of a competition in 1876. Over the years its popularity increased, and it was eventually named the second national anthem in 1977. The anthem has English and Māori lyrics, with slightly different meanings. When performed in public, the usual practice is to sing the first verse in both Māori and English.

Wales is largely responsible for National Anthems at sporting events

In 1905, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau became the first national anthem to be sung at the start of a sporting event.[Although crowds singing anthems during matches was commonplace, there was no precedent for the anthem to be sung before a game commenced in any sport.The Welsh national rugby team were playing host to the first touring New Zealand team, who to that point were unbeaten. After Wales won the Triple Crown in the 1905 Home Nations Championship the match was dubbed the 'Game of the Century' by the press. The New Zealand team started every match with the Haka, and Welsh Rugby Union administrator Tom Williams, suggested that Wales player Teddy Morgan lead the crowd in the singing of the anthem as a response. After Morgan began singing, the crowd joined in,and Wales became the first nation to sing a national anthem at the start of a sporting event.

It is rather odd that we have in Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau one of best Anthems for a crowd to sing together which such a distinct National Flag but when it comes to taking political power for our nation we shy away.

Anyway I think we probably are united over Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau , but if you have any alternatives let me know.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Plaid attacked for informing people on City Deal.

Plaid recently held a meeting over the push to make the City Deal for the Cardiff Capital Region a reality .
Prior to the meeting i led to an attack on Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood by Rhondda Cynon Taf council leader Andrew Morgan, who chairs the City Deal Shadow Cabinet, said he and his officials had “absolutely no engagement or contact” with Ms Wood during the last 18 months.

On Monday Plaid held a public meeting on the city deal alongside some of the Partys big guns AMs Adam Price and Steffan Lewis.

Mr Morgan accused Ms Wood of taking a “sudden interest” in the city deal, which it is hoped will result in £734m invested in the Metro transport scheme, with £495m going on other projects.

He said:
“I was astonished to see that the Rhondda AM and leader of Plaid is convening a meeting to talk about City Deal; I would be curious to know what Leanne can tell anyone about the City Deal... Myself or officials of the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal Shadow Cabinet have had absolutely no engagement or contact from the Plaid leader over the last 18 months it has taken to arrive at the formal agreement of all 10 local authorities in South East Wales this month to support the City Deal.”

A Plaid spokeswoman said:
 “Plaid Cymru in the Rhondda is holding an open meeting in Ferndale [with] Plaid Cymru’s leader and shadow ministers for the economy and external affairs to hear what people have to say about the City Deal and to answer questions people may have about the Party of Wales’ position on that and other economic questions. People in the Rhondda Fach feel let down and left behind by the Labour-run council.

“They’ve done little to improve the Rhondda’s economic fortunes to date. Since Leanne was elected as Assembly Member for the Rhondda she has embarked on a series of engagement events designed to listen to local people’s views on topical matters so that she can take effective action on their behalf.
“The lack of economic opportunities is a key issue that people keep raising, for understandable reasons. We in Plaid Cymru have many questions to ask about the City Deal and it is our job as the main opposition party to scrutinise public spending.
"People want to know what people in the Fach can expect to get out of the City Deal investment. We hope this meeting will enable more people to learn about it and what they can do to help make sure that investment benefits their communities.”
Labour’s Mr Morgan contrasted Plaid with the Conservatives, saying: 

“You would not normally hear me compliment the Conservatives, but because they recognise the huge opportunity the City Deal presents to transform the economy of South Wales, they have engaged in the process throughout; not even a single email has ever been received from Ms Wood or a request to meet with me as chair of the Shadow Cabinet or even with City Deal officers. "I have not even heard any public backing for the deal, which aims to create 25,000 new jobs, from the Plaid leader, so I fail to see how Plaid can answer any questions on the matter.“The City Deal is all about spreading the investment, both from the public and private sector currently around our capital city, across the region; Plaid are suddenly jumping on the bandwagon because they see Labour local government leaders have delivered this huge opportunity which will provide the necessary step change the Valleys economy needs and they have played no role in setting this vital agenda...“My door is open to brief Leanne on what the City Deal is about, how we have achieved it and how we as leaders, working with Welsh Government Ministers intend to deliver for the region.”

Which seems to  me to say that if Plaid or any one else were to get involved in his is what with any consultation , it would consist of being told this is what we are going to do so accept.

On her Facebook page Ms Wood

 interesting discussion tonight on the City Deal in Ferndale. There has been little information available to people to date. From what is available, it looks as though the Rhondda Fach isn't on the Metro map. With no rail line, how will communities in the Fach benefit from this investment? It was great to welcome our special guests - Plaid Cymru shadow ministers Steffan Lewis and Adam Price, who gave us some good insight and economic expertise on the issues. It was also good to see former Ferndale boy Professor Calvin Jones, who brought some thought provoking points to the meeting, as usual. Thanks to everyone who attended. It's vital that we all now make our voices heard so that people in the Rhondda can make the most of the opportunities that could arise with this investment. If you'd like to be kept informed as to developments and our work on the city deal, please send me your e mail address and mark the e mail "City Deal". 
During a husting at the last Assembly Elections Mick Antoniw the Lanour Candidate and eventual victor in formed us that the much vaunted Metro would see a Train Station being built in in Llantrisant , which led to some to imagine one appearing in the Town rather than a few miles away .

Indeed when pressed he admitted that it may not be an actual Train service, but some other form of transport.

The fact is that virtually all we  really seen of this  is a Map

and yes neither the Rhondda Fach or Llantrisant are on it.

It is an interesting. Should you add legitimacy to a project by getting involved in some capacity even if you believe , that you are going to be ignored.

After next May Plaid may well have a lot more councillors in area of the proposed City Deal , so they will have to come up with a united front on any limitations that will undoubtedly unravel.

If Labour were to lose control of some Councils particularly Cardiff , then it may have to drop the arrogant assumption that its current hegemony in South East Wales gives it carte blanch to decide on everything .